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FIRO-B: Team Development – Role Preferences, Part 3


When working with others, most of us tend to behave consistently.  As other team members get used to our style, it starts to become a role they expect from us.  This role is determined partly by our own desires and from the group's desires and experiences.  The role you are most likely to take in a group can be determined by your highest Expressed Need.  This time we'll look those with Affection as the highest score.

Most people with this highest Need take the role of Encourager.  They will promote close personal relationships, mediate conflicts, work towards interpersonal harmony, and help keep the team focused.

Some positives aspects of this style include supporting the group, making sure everyone gives and receives feedback, supporting open and frank discussions, and helping the group push past difficult times.

Potential negative aspects include wasting time on gaining team consensus when it's not needed or possible, becoming too loyal or committed to the group to the detriment of others, and spending too much time resolving internal conflicts instead of accomplishing goals and completing team tasks.


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