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About the FIRO-B: Team Development – Need for Inclusion


Most teams follow predictable patterns of development that are related to the FIRO-B.  In many cases, the need for Inclusion is the first need to be addressed by the group.  As the team begins to form, there are typical questions and issues you might have to deal with.

For example, a question many people have with a new team is how they will contribute.  They wonder if they have a real value to the team, how they fit in, or if their views and opinions will be considered or valued by the group.  Likewise, we tend to wonder if others will face these issues as well.  We often ask ourselves if the work will be fairly divided, or if we will have to do more than others.

Some ways you can deal with these questions when you find yourself as part of a new team include asking others on the team what they believe they can contribute.  You might make an extra effort to include everyone in the initial discussions, while trying not to make yourself seem too important.  However, you should likewise make your views known, particularly on those issues that matter most to you.  You will probably want to find out why others were asked to join the team.  It's likely they having something valuable to contribute or they might not need to be part of the group.  In the best case, your team will soon come to agreement about its purpose and goals.


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