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About the FIRO-B: Team Development – Need for Affection


Most teams follow predictable patterns of development that are related to the FIRO-B.  In some cases, the need for Affection is the first need to be addressed by the group.  As the team begins to form, there are typical questions and issues you might have to deal with.

When Affection is the most important stage of a team's development, some common issues that can arise include wondering why there is a lack of trust, trying to establish personal relationships, learning who is most helpful and supportive among the team members, and deciding how to resolve differences.  Others might question how long the group can function as a team, or if the team members are truly being open and honest in their communications.

Some ways to address these concerns include spending more time in meetings to get to know each other, or participating as a group in a team development workshop, or making an effort to get to know one team member very well before concentrating on others.  You can also offer your assistance to the person you know best to help build a solid foundation.  The team can celebrate its accomplishments so far, which will help bond the group together.


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