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FIRO-B™: Team Development – Expressed Control


When working with teams, the FIRO-B can provide useful insights into how each person likes to work with others.  The items below are quite likely to be true for you the higher your score on a scale is.  If you scored at seven or above, you probably demonstrate these behaviors very often.  If you scored two or less, you probably rarely do these things.  Of course, those in the middle will likely do them to varying degrees, depending on the situation.

This issue we'll discuss Expressed Control and how people with high scores are likely to act on a team.

For example, it's common for people with high Expressed Control to focus on reaching established goals, providing structure for the group, assigning tasks and responsibilities, and making suggestions for how the team should approach the required tasks.  They will likely set priorities, want to have consistency, and push the group to make decisions.  They will follow up on any past discussions or decisions to make sure the correct action was taken.  Any discussion that goes on too long will probably be ended by someone with high scores on this scale.  They are usually quite aware of time and limitations.  They will also probably vigorously defend their own positions or opinions, and openly challenge those who disagree or have other views.  You can expect them to be competitive, and enjoy rivalry, or challenges such as, "it can't be done."   High scorers will often want the team to aim for lofty or difficult goals.  Finally, they usually will want the group to have a clearly defined area of responsibility, so there is ownership.  That way the team gets the credit or the blame for the results.

Most people will share the above traits to some degree.  However, it's likely that this style will dominate for some people more than others.  Your score on the scales should indicate which style is the preferred one for you.


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