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About the FIRO-B: Team Conflict V. How do individuals react?


This issue we'll discuss how you react when conflict erupts in your group. We'll start by looking at your highest Total Needs. This will help you understand what strengths and potential problems you might encounter.

For those whose highest Total Need is Inclusion, they often go to great lengths to listen to all sides of the story, gather all possible information regarding the conflict, and share what they know about the problem. They are likely to put much energy into understanding others' points of views and clarifying the positions. On the other hand, they might worry that exploring differences could divide the team. So they might emphasize commonalities more than differences in an attempt to hold the group together.

Those whose highest Total Need is Control share the desire to get through all the issues, even if they are unpleasant. Personal issues and things people would rather not mention are not shied away from. If it affects the team, then it's worth discussing. On the downside, they might try to force an agreement or win the argument. They can appear aggressive to some. Sometimes the views of others might be disregarded because they lack standing in the group.

If Affection is the highest Total Need, then sensitivity towards the views of others is likely. Likewise, these people are more likely to share personal thoughts and feelings to other members of the group. However, they might also spend too much time and effort trying to create harmony in the group, compromise too soon, and take the conflict personally. If the group has too much conflict, these people might fear the personal bonds and relationships will suffer as a result.

These are some of the potential reactions people might have to conflict in a group. The more you are aware of what's going on, the more effectively you can deal with the issues at hand.

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