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The FIRO-B: Team Chemistry, Part II


As we discussed last time, team chemistry can make or break a group's efforts at working together. It's easy to understand that the greatest difficulties are likely to result from the greatest mismatches. The greater the difference between your highest and lowest Wanted Needs and the group's Needs, the more likely you'll run into difficulty.

For example, if your lowest Wanted Need is Inclusion and the group spends too much time in those activities, you're likely to be tempted to skip meetings, not listen to conversations, sit farther away from others, do other work during a meeting or keep your head down while others are talking. If your lowest Wanted Need is Affection and this is the group's highest need, you're likely to avoid chit-chat with others, skip after-work social events, avoid participation by taking detailed notes, or take unpopular positions to focus discussions.

Similarly, if your highest Wanted Need is Inclusion and the group spends too little time in this mode, you'll probably share a great deal of information with others, arrive early and sit in a central location, encourage everyone on the team to express an opinion, or ask if you can have more time to express your thoughts. If you highest Wanted Need is Affection and the team is lacking in that regard, you're likely to offer to help people individually, encourage the team to provide frank and honest feedback, make personal sacrifices, or schedule time for a luncheon or after-work social hour.

You're most likely to tolerate a mismatch in your lowest Total Need area. If you lowest Wanted Need is in the same field, you might consider acting on your wants, but might not follow through. You might also refrain from certain behaviors if past experience has taught you that there are negative consequences for your actions. You might have learned to express your dissatisfaction in more acceptable ways.

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