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About the FIRO-B: Leadership Patterns - Affection


A person's scores on an Expressed Need can tell us a great deal about how he or she will likely behave as a leader.  Each of the three scales indicates a particular style that will probably be used by that leader.  It's likely the leader will focus on that area where he or she scored the highest.  This issue we'll look at those who score highest on Expressed Affection.

Leaders with this style will probably lead with empathy.  They will likely work on reducing tensions in the group, coach people around obstacles and difficulties, and show appreciation and gratitude.  These leaders will probably be supportive, encouraging, and show great concern for the staff as people.  They will acknowledge the issues that affect team members, and will surely appreciate loyalty and keeping private matters in private.

This style usually works best when the staff works autonomously, the team members are all highly competent and independent, and the team has worked together well for a long time.  Others factors that favor this style include a team that has been neglected, despite good work, or when circumstances have turned bad for the team.  Likewise, for those teams where previous work relationships caused mistrust or hindered cooperation, a new leader with this style can be very effective.

Situations when this style might be inappropriate include those times when the skill levels of the team members are not up to the level required for the job.  If outsiders are very dissatisfied with the team, this style might also be less useful.  Finally, if individual differences are too great and are disrupting the team, an empathetic style might not lead to a quick solution.

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