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About the FIRO-B: Innovation and Creativity


Innovation and creativity are frequently mentioned as desirable qualities for leaders as well as rank and file members of organizations. The old joke is the only thing constant is change, so innovation is essential to the growth and success of both individuals and organizations. There are instruments designed to measure these two traits. Several studies compared the results from these other instruments to the FIRO-B.

In the first study, the researchers found that those who scored as Innovators on another test had much higher scores on the Expressed Control scale than most. Adaptors had higher scores on the Wanted Control and Expressed Affection scales. The researchers thought that perhaps Innovators were more likely to take control of unknown situations and push their own agendas. Conversely, Adaptors are more likely to maintain the status quo and work for consensus in the group, which could be a reason they had higher Expressed Affection scores. Wanted Control scores could indicate their willingness to come up with ideas and solutions that would work in the current situation.

In another study, researchers found that the Expressed Control scores of people who had been identified as innovative were three times higher than those considered to be non-innovative. They thought perhaps those with high Expressed Control scores wanted to shape their environments to match their reality.

Finally, in a study of creativity, there were positive associations with Expressed Inclusion, Wanted Inclusion, Expressed Control, Expressed Affection, and Wanted Affection and a negative association with Wanted Control. These effects were fairly modest. Remember, association does not mean these scores caused these people to be creative.

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