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The 16 Personality Factors: Factor Q2 – Self-Reliance


The next 16PF scale for discussion is the Factor "Q2" scale, which is Self-Reliance (Self-Reliant vs. Group-Oriented).  What exactly does this scale measure?

High scorers tend to be self-reliant types who enjoy time alone, and prefer to make decisions by themselves.  Many report they like to work without interruptions, would rather not hear suggestions from others, and that it would not bother them if they spoke to no one for hours at a time.  Similarly, they would prefer not to work on a committee.  In extreme cases, they can have difficulty working with others, may ignore interpersonal niceties and conventions, or be unaware of the effect of their actions on others.  Many report trouble in asking others for help even when it's needed.

In contrast, low scorers tend to want to be around people often and do things as part of a group.  For example, they prefer games with teams or with partners.  They usually enjoy working on committees.  Being a low-scorer is the more socially desirable end of the scale.

Factor Q2 is related to the Myers-Briggs Extraversion scale.  Low scorers on Q2 tend to come out as Extraverts on the Myers-Briggs.  This scale also contributes to the Extraversion global factor on the 16PF.

As with all the 16PF scales, major insights come from the interactions among the 16 scales, and not from each scale in isolation


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