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The 16PF® – The 16 Personality Factors: Factor H – Social Boldness


The next 16PF scale for discussion is the Factor "H" scale, which is Social Boldness (Bold vs. Shy).  What exactly does this scale measure?

People with high scores on this scale describe themselves as adventurous and bold in social groups and have little fear of social situations.  They report starting conversations with strangers to be easy, and that they fit quickly into new groups.  High scorers usually have no trouble speaking before groups.  They often initiate social contacts, and very high scorers tend to have a need for self-exhibition.

In contrast, low scorers tend to be shy, socially timid, cautious, and reserved.  Many find it difficult to speak in front of groups.  A common report is feeling embarrassed if they suddenly become the center of attention in a social setting.  They often feel discomfort in social settings, and can tend towards low self-esteem.

This factor contributes to the Independence global factor, along with Dominance, Vigilance, and Openness to Change.  Likewise, Factor H contributes to the Extraversion global scale, as do Warmth, Liveliness, Forthrightness, and Group Orientation.

As with all the 16PF scales, major insights come from the interactions among the 16 scales, and not from each scale in isolation.



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