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The 16PF® – The 16 Personality Factors: Factor F – Lively vs. Serious


The next 16PF scale for discussion is the Factor "F" scale, which is Liveliness.  What exactly does this scale measure?

The best way to think of this scale is to consider the natural spontaneity and self-expression children have before they learn self-control.  High scorers generally are spontaneous, seek attention, lively, and enthusiastic.  Many enjoy stimulating social events.  Very high scores can mean a person is unreliable or immature.  Some high scorers are unable to determine the appropriateness of their behavior, particularly in those situations that require some restraint, such as a funeral.  Many high scorers like being in the middle of the excitement or activity.  They may wear eye-catching or stylish clothing.  They often enjoy talking with friends about social events.

Low scorers, in contrast, frequently take life seriously.  They seem to be quieter and less playful than others.  These types often limit their spontaneity, and can seem restricted.  To some, they might seem mature.  To others, they are no fun and not entertaining.  Low scorers often report they'd prefer working on a quiet hobby rather than going to a loud party.

As with all the 16PF scales, major insights come from the interactions among the 16 scales, and not from each scale in isolation.

Factor F contributes to the Independence and Self-Control global factors.  There is some correlation between this factor and the Extraversion scale on the Myers-Briggs.


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